Saturday, July 30, 2011

DIY play stove and oven

i've always wanted to make a play stove and oven for the longest time -- even before i had a baby. yep, i wanted one for myself! at that time though i didnt have the materials i needed and i didnt want to spend that much on materials and equipment.

a couple of months ago while browsing through one of my favotrite sites my desire to make and own a play stove and oven was reawakened!

then just last week, with hubby's help, this long over due project had finally started to take shape.

here's a step by step guide on how to make one yourself:

step 1: scour around house, bodega or backyard for old cabinets or side tables (lucky me, this time my sister-in-law had given us the dibs to her old side table. thanks, chloe!)

step 2: depending on the design of your cabinet, lay it either vertically or horiontally to resemble an oven

step 3: paint entire cabinet (this is an optional procedure but we had some paint left over from a previous project so we went on with this step)

step 4: paint a red circle onto center of the lid of an empty formula can (again, this is optional)

step 5: glue lids onto cabinet. this will serve as the stove top burner

step 6: screw 3 cabinet knobs onto cabinet. this will serve as the stove/oven dials (we had this rounded handle from an old saucepan cover so i only had to get 2 more from japan home)

step 7: screw handle onto top part of cabinet door. this will serve as the oven handle.

sorry, i don't have exact step-by-step photos to show. i was too excited assembling that i forgot to take pictures. anyway, everything is pretty much self explanatory once you see how the finished product looks like.

and here it is...

i know it doesn't look as good as the ones from where i drew my inspiration but i'm really happy how it turned out. i'm also proud that we were able to put it all together mostly from stuff that we had lying around the house.
as i said earlier, i consider this project long over due. but it was worth all the wait especially now that i can share it with my son (or vice versa)!


  1. Awww this is perfect! Thanks for sharing! Great job!

  2. Fellow n@wie here.

    Wow!!! Ang galing. I'm truly impressed. Cheers!

  3. Galing Mommy! Pwede ko ba to gayahin for my little girl!?

  4. oh this is really cute! genious!

    thanks for sharing

  5. lyra, tin tin, glamma momma and jen, thanks so much!

    sorry for not replying soon. im having technical problems...cant comment on my own blog! i know, how frustrating!

    jen, of course! by all means. let me know how your little project turns out!

  6. irene! pag ayaw na ni alonzo yung oven bigay mo nalang kay sofia hahaha! ;P but you really did a great job here! galing ha! i hope i can be as crafty as you! by the way, alonzo is so big na! :)

  7. thanks, katet!

    i can make one for sofia! do you have an old side table at home?

  8. thanks for sharing this irene! will try to make one for my little girl too! i'm sure she'd really love to have her own stove too :)

  9. hello, faye! im sure you'll have fun making it as much as faye will love to play with it.