Monday, July 25, 2011

alonzo's hand-me-downs

we are lucky enough to have received a great deal of hand-me-down stuff for our son from family and relatives with older boys that we never had to buy him that much clothes and shoes. i have 2 nieces from hubby's side who also "donate" some of the clothes that they have outgrown. the thing is, clothes start becoming more "gender conscious" when you stop being an infant. although my son pretty much got away with wearing a pajama with the indistinct "barbie" logo at the back (which i dyed, by the way, to match a generic pajama top) or a light blue sando with a little ribbon in front (which we cut off), there are just some articles of clothing that once you get past babyhood become, as i said earlier, undeniably gender specific.

my nieces, had recently sent us a new batch of their pre-owned stuff. among the loot is this little, wavy hemmed, speedo rashguard. i thought the firefly print and colors aren't so bad and can fake out a boy's piece of clothing. i just couldn't beg off on this cute little rashie, especially since alonzo had already outgrown his old one (another hand-me-down).

so what's a thrifty little mom to do?

trim off the hem!

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