Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Halloween Crochet Project

It is supposed to be a "skull"....but somehow it reminds me of Mr. Peanut :(
Happy Halloween you guys!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Decorating

We are, admittedly, not huge Halloween people. 
I understand how big halloween is in the States (some even look forward to this season more than Christmas!)
but growing up it was just like any ordinary day for us
(well, except that it was the semestral break).
I don't remember having our house decorated at least a bit during my childhood. We never went out to go trick ot treating.
And would it also be so horrible to say that we never
(as in N-E-V-E-R) went out to visit any departed family member during Todos los Santos?   
Things changed when our son came along...
I began planning for Alonzo's 1st Halloween costume as early as April and also decorated our home for the first time!
This is how we decorated this year.  
Create a tikbalang shadow by attaching a cut out figure to a lamp

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ghost Finger Puppet

I've been trying my hand on some simple crochet work since the start of September. We were never taught how to crochet in grade school and high school so this is now one of my real frustrations. 
Both my lolas were excellent in this craft and I have always admired how easily they were able to create intricate designs.
And they did it all free-style! 
Regretfully, too, because I was not as interested in crochet then as I am now that I did not ask any of them to teach me.

 I asked Mama to show me the basics since I literally have absolutely zero crochet background and skill.
This finger puppet is one of my first crochet "creations".

Monday, October 22, 2012

Artichoke and Parmesan Dip

I have been craving for the artichoke and spinach fondue at Cyma for the longest time. To pacify my craving I simply opened a jar of artichoke hearts in oil, mashed it with a fork, sprinkled parmesan and popped it in the microwave for a full minute and voila! This is probably one of the simplest dips ever! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Trash to Toys

  Here are some creative and inexpensive ways to turn your trash into toys for your kiddos. You might be amazed how easy these are to make -- and so much fun, too! 

Alonzo is starting to grow an interest about dinosaurs so I traced some standing dinosaurs outlines and transferred them on to cardboard. Bread clips are used to make them stand.

Googly eyes were simply glued on to plastic caps to make these little critters.


The shape puzzle above is made out of an empty pizza box while empty cereal boxes (or any kind for that matter) may be upcycled into wall storage space for toys!

For more trash-to-toy ideas check out the following links:


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Melon, Kiwi and Carrot Popsicle

I hate to admit it but since our little guy turned into a toddler he has started to dislike fruits and vegetables.
He used to love them so much that he even developed carotemia because of the amount of papaya and squash that he ate
-- every single day!
Anyway, he is now making me think that he is starting to like carrots again. I'm happy about that.
While having our snack at playhouse, I noticed that he didn't try to avoid the carrot cubes from the bowl of soup and actually ate and swallowed them. However, cauliflower, sayote, mangoes, etc.. are still in his boycott list.
He used to like all these! He also wouldn't at least consider tasting grapes, strawberries, kiwi and pineapple. 
I should have taken a photo of how grossed out he was of the rambutan Tita Josie offered him at the picnic we had
with his friends at playhouse!
I'm afraid that his veggie and fruit intake isn't quite enough to give him the exact nutrients that his growing body needs.
This popsicle concoction is my devious plan to get the little guy to eat more of his fruits and vegetables.
It has been working out so far.     
To make, first extract the juice of a carrot with a juicer.
Set this asidde. Then, combine melon and kiwi on a blender and puree. Add carrot juice and pour mixture on to a popsicle mold
Freeze overnight.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crafts and Stuff

   Here are two projects that I have been using quite frequently for a couple of weeks.
How silly of me to forget to post about them here!
The tassel or fringe pendant is made of several pieces
of hairpins coated with nail polish
while the bag is just an ordinary canvas tote that I stenciled over.
The fabric straps, however, were replaced by an old
belt cut into two.
Check out Yahoo! She for a step by step tutorial here and here, too.