Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Eggshell Hat

When my cousins and I were younger we usually celebrated Easter with a family reunion at my Aunt's house.
Easter usually coincides with our Lolo's birthday and, therefore, celebrated both events at the same time.

Honestly, we were not really big on egg hunting.
Although there was this one time when we actaully had one.
I remember I found an undecorated egg inside a flower pot cleverly hidden among halved egg shells used for the orchids!

Anyway, now that I have child I would really like to host and organize yearly Easter egg hunting events. 
A "minor" complication about my little plan, however, is that we are always away during this time. And although I still have to figure out a way to work around this situation I got a little ahead of myself by decorating several Easter eggs and making these Easter egg shell hats.

Here's what I did:

Step 1: Use a balloon as a mold and follow the basic steps on how to paper mache (here instead of glue I used the same homemade paste recipe I used for my DIY wall decals)
Step 2: Pop the balloon and remove the bits of latex

Step 3: Cut the opening large enough to fit the size of a head
Step 4: Make irregular zigzag cuts to make your hat resemble a "broken egg shell"

This is the best photo that I have of the little guy wearing his hat -- he couldn't keep still!

I intentionally gave my niece a plain white one for her to color and design on her own

You may keep your egg shell hats plain white
or color to resemble Easter eggs.

Have fun!


  1. cute! im not really crafty but i'll give this a try. thanks ofr sharing. love your blog, by the way :)


  2. this is nice. question, so dapat 1 balloon per hat? di ba pwedeng i-deflate nalang para mas tipid sa balloon? hehe.

    thank you.

    maan b.

  3. hi, len, thanks for visiting my blog. have fun with your project!

    maan, i guess you can deflate the balloon instead of popping it. i tried this before but the paper got all deformed but i think it was because it wasnt totally dry when i did this. let me know how it turns out! good luck!