Tuesday, July 5, 2011

t-shirt stenciling

i absolutely love stenciling on my little guy's clothes. the thing is, it's practically impossible to find freezer paper on this side of the planet. i've been looking for freezer paper for the longest time but always end up getting frustrated (and infuriated!) with the grocery or bookstore clerks who have no idea of what freeer paper is. imagine one clerk actually telling (no, lecturing) me that there is no such thing as "freezer paper" because "you DO NOT put paper in the freezer". grrr... anyway, for these little rompers i used the back side of sticker paper. the right side works just as well, too, but it can well...get a little sticky (you can't re-use them either). anyway, i found this from rookiemoms and got totally inspired all over again! don't you just adore the handlebar mustache/ mr. suave pattern?


  1. super like!
    Hope you can also post a tutorial on how to stencil. looks difficult esp the zebra.

  2. sure, maqui! will just have to get new white shirts first.
    the mustache pattern is super easy!