Tuesday, August 2, 2011

grilled chicken with roasted peppers and mango wrap

hubby isn't into food that needs "to be put together". okay, except for tacos. well, although this requires a little bit of assembly he admitted that he truly loved this sweet and savory fare.
chicken breast fillets
roasted bell peppers, sliced into strips
mangoes, sliced into strips
cucumber, sliced into strips
lettuce, shreded
pesto sauce
tortilla flour

season chicken with salt and pepper. grill until cooked (you may use left over chicken, either from andoks, baliwag, S&R or wherever!)

cut grilled chicken breasts into strips
pile up all the ingredients on tortilla
drizzle with pesto


  1. this is mouthwatering, irene! haaay! it's 10.22pm and i want one! hahaha!