Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Alonzo's 2015 Halloween Costume

How could it already have been a year since my last post?  Has it really already been a year ago when Alonzo was dressed in a Lego costume? Time sure flies by so fast. 

This year's costume is inspired by a vintage military tank toy hubby inherited from one of his cousins. It was Alonzo who requested to be a "tank" this Halloween. 

It really is not as complicated to construct as it may seem. The challenge was to find 3 boxes that would proportionately go well together. Luckily we have several boxes in stock (hubby knows me well enough to fold empty boxes flat and save them).

These are what you'll need:

1.Boxes(large,medium and small)- Find one that is just small enough for the wearer to fit but not unnecessarily massive to be heavy. The medium-sized box should complement the dimension of the larger one and at the same time also allow the wearer to fit through while the small box should just be enough to accommodate the "tank nozzle".  
2.Cardboard tube such as the one from paper towels, aluminum foil and plastic wrap - I used 2 tubes (1 longer and narrower than the other)but you could use just one.

3.Corrugated paper preferably in black or gray - For this project I used 2 cartolina-sized sheets

4. Paint for your base color, either dark green or brown
5. Spray paint, either gray, or brown  
6. Plastic take-out  bowl covers
7. Rugby adhesive


Step 1: Place the medium-sized box over the larger one.
Position it more towards what you decide to be the back ro
rear portion of the tank. Set aside.

Step 2: Place small box in front and at the center of the
medium box.Trace or mark this position with a pencil. Set
Step 3: Cut a hole at the center of the top and bottom part of
the medium box. Make sure that the top and bottom holes
coincide and that they are large enough for the wearer to fit
through.Set aside.   
Step 4: Similarly, cut a hole through the top and bottom of
the large hole. The holes here should coincide with each other
and also with the holes on the medium box.    

Step 5: Glue the large and medium boxed together with rugby. 
Secure the 2 boxes together with clothes pins or paper clips
until dry.

Step 6: Trace one end of the cardboard at the front end of the
small box. Cut around the tracing and insert the tube through.
Glue in place. 
Step 7: Glue the small box ( tube) at the marked position on
the large box. Let all pieces dry.

Step 8:Paint with base paint and let it dry completely.Use
spray paint to achieve a camouflage effect. 

Step 9: Cut corrugated paper into 3 equally measured strips.
Glue one end over the other to form a single strip. 

Step 10: Glue corrugated paper around the side of the tank
leaving about 2 inches off from the edge. Do the same on the
other side to form the "tracks" or "wheel links".
Step 11: Glue plastic bowl covers to form the wheels.        

Step 12: Insert narrower cardboard tube inside the shorter,
larger tube if you wish your tank to have a "telescopic

Step 13: Staple 2 straps on each side at the junction between
the large and medium boxes.     

    Happy Halloween and have fun treat or treating!!!