Monday, September 5, 2011

toilet paper craft: pretend canned food

this craft idea is a result of my current obsesion. if you have been following me these past few days you probably know that i have been obsessed lately with toddler sized miniature food for my little guy's kitchen pantry (maqui, this is partly your fault! hahaha!). that reminds me, i'll be posting some of my miniature food finds soon. in the mean time, here's a really fun project that you could do with toilet paper rolls. ENJOY!       

materials needed:
toilet paper roll
canned food label
cardboard (or an empty soap box, etc..)
duct tape

note: this project works best when using the labels from smaller cans (you can use earth's best baby food labels!). the larger ones won't look good unless you use rolls with a larger diameter.  however, you can also just cut out pictures of canned food from grocery cataloges or magazines OR you can download and print your labels this site (and this too!).  

step 1: cut toilet paper to length that matches height of food label

step 2: make 2 tracings of the ends of the toilet paper tube

step 3: use tracing as a guide and cut a circle about 1 cm larger

step 4: make several vertcal cuts perpendicular to the circle and fold inward

step 5: glue folded part onto the inner ends of the toiler paper tube
step 6: repeat steps 1-5 on the other end of the tube

step 7: cover tops and bottom ends of the "can" with duct tape
step 8: wrap food label around

step 9: with a marker draw "pull-open tab" and concentric rings on top  

this craft project would have kept me up all night had i not ran out of canned food to peel the labels from. hubby would now have to guess the contents of our label-less cans!  


  1. thank you for these wonderful ideas Irene! i am officially a big fan of your blog! :)

    -Faye (fellow n@wie)

  2. faye, na-pressure naman ako! hahaha. but seriously, im flattered.

    thank you!

  3. oh wow! great why havent i thought of this before??? hahaha!

    -- marla

  4. glad you like it, gingmaganda :)