Tuesday, July 5, 2011

framed blackboards

during our last visit to hubby's family's home in nueva ecija we did a bit of scavenger hunting at the backyard and found this old piece. it used to be the framework of a glass top table.

with a bit of flair and a little elbow grease.....tadahhh! we now have a framed blackboard!

i love the charm of re-using old things and bringing new life into it. i also love the idea of framing blackboards so much that we even had one in our wedding Dennis-Irene-1957 by irene_dmd


  1. i love this! where did you get the blackboard?

  2. i bought the blackboard from NBS

  3. great job. love the distressed effect. how did you attach the blackboard?


  4. thanks, mikey!

    the blackboard is simply nailed to the frame at the back. the blackboard has to be a few centimeters larger than the "window" of the frame.

    by the way, i had nothing to do with the distressed effect...we found the frame that way!

    thanks for dropping by!