Friday, July 1, 2011

children's book collection

i've been collecting children's books for more than 10 years now ---- way before i got married and had a baby. the books are all about teeth or dentists. this isnt the entire collection as i have given some away to friends while others were borrowed by patients (and never returned!). my favorites are "ay, may bukbuk ang ipin ni ani" (ani has a bad tooth) by luis gatmaitan and "magnificent benito and his two front teeth" by augie rivera.

this is the most recent one that i bought from book sale. i don't consider these books mine anymore. they all now belong to my toddler. hopefully, these would be enough to encourage the little guy to brush his teeth!


  1. nice! my mom's a dentist too. i am sure she would appreciate getting children's books about teeth. and like you, some of her toys and books were never returned to her by patients.

  2. oh really?

    sayang nga bec the ones that were borrowed from me are no longer available. kakahinayang also to buy from high end bookstores especially after having discovered booksale!

  3. hey, where did you buy these? was looking for that book where dora goes to the dentist at fully booked, out of stock! :(

  4. cathy, the books are literally from everywhere! most of them are from nationals and dymocks (nung meron paa nito at robinsons, manila when i was stll at UP).

    if you have the time (and patience) check out book sale!