Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY T-Shirt Pocket

This is what we gave out as gifts for the kiddos last Christmas. I was really set on going to Divisoria to purchase plain white shirts but I found good-quality, cotton shirts at Robinsons. Although the brand also carried all-white tees which was exactly what I was looking for I was instantly drawn to the colored ones.    

To give the shirt a personalized, hand-made feel (I told myself to only give out hand-made gifts this year) I sewed on little chest pockets out of retaso.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cornstarch Picture Frames

I might have mentioned before that I started making dough frames in gradeschool and used them to hold photo booth group pictures with classmates (80's version of a selfie???). As promised, click here for a tutorial.  

Saturday, January 11, 2014

DIY Wearable Pasta Jewelry

Holy macaroni!  I wore one of these to work for 3 days in a row last week and nobody noticed that it was made of pasta noodles. The instructions to make these a really super easy. Check them out at Yahoo! She.  

Friday, January 3, 2014

Repurposing Clothes Hangers

It doesn't take much elbow grease to create this adorable cloud mobile. 

I made this with just my fingers (no special pliers needed). Obviously, you can't do this with an exceptionally heavy gauge wire hanger! So get one that is more pliable. Cut and sew raindrop-shaped fabric stuffed with some nylon filling material. Attach to "clouds" with crochet thread and you're done!   

Find out more ways on how to repurpose your clothes hangers at Yahoo! She

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Sister's Surprise Bridal Shower Party

My youngest sister is getting married! The wedding will be on the second weekend of January. I just want to share some photos of the surprise bridal party that my mom, sister and I hosted at my parent's house a few days ago. 

Her coordinator suggested a despedida de soltera in lieu of a bridal shower; and so it was organized by my mom (to be held a week before the wedding). 

But I could not just NOT host a shower party for my youngest sister!

I had a few shower ideas, such as a picnic at Sta. Elena, a spa party (a new nail salon just opened in our neighborhood), a cupcake decorating party...)

But then, I got so inspired by the tea cups and saucers that I purchased at Uniwide a month ago

And so, a "tea party" was set. However, instead of tea, cucumber sandwiches and petite fours we had tsokolate and a variety of what would comprise a typical Pinoy merienda

The menu consisted of bibingka, suman, palitaw, pandesal, cold cuts, kesong puti and assorted jams.

I took out the capiz shutter (bought at a neighborhood yard sale) and the framed chalkboard hubby made from a salvaged table top  and used those as the backdrop. 

I also used the lamparas (bought at Toys R Us) as part of the table decor. The party lasted until dinner so we simply switched the lamps on for extra lighting.

The flowers are actually balimbing blossoms (cut from a tree at a vacant lot in front of the house) set on sugar and creamer bowls.

It was so much fun organizing and setting up for the event. Seriously, I could do this for a living! If you are planning for an intimate and laid back gathering hire me :)

To Marthe and Macky, best wishes!