Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hand Sewn Stuffed Animals

We have been doing a lot of sorting and organizing 
at the house for the past few weeks.
Spring cleaning (does the term apply in this part of the globe?).
We have boxes and boxes of old baby stuff.
It's amazing how much stuff a little person can own!
If you live with a toddler you know what I mean.   
The clothes, shoes and other baby stuff that 
our little guy have outgrown have already been packed 
and are ready to be given away.


These little stuffed animals were found under a pile of
old towels. I made these when I was just a few weeks pregnant with my son. I have almost forgotten about them
but I just could not give them away!

The patterns are just free style drawings while the
fabric used are from old bed covers and pillow cases. 

The little guy does not seem to be interested in playing with them anymore. He is more interested now with his trucks and trains.
He is also so much into "cooking" right now
that I have also made for him are all in good use.

Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY "Red Coral" Decor

I don't know how I almost forgot to post about this "red coral" bathroom decor project (when it's just been sitting over our DIY bathroom ledge made of a wooden slab resurrected from a heap of scrap wood from our backyard -- which, to my dismay, seem to be in abundance of). 

This project was inspired by a feature on 
party table centerpiece ideas in Martha Stewart Magazine
a couple of years ago. 

All you'll have to do is collect a couple of dried twigs
or branches from our backyard 
(which also seem to be in abundance of!),
spray paint them in red and simply embed the "coral" onto a container filled with sand or pebbles .  

There you go!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Empty Baby Powder Can Piggy Bank

I remember how my yaya used to make coin banks
either out of empty baby powder containers or
plastic bottles of isopropyl alcohol 
just by creating a slit on top.


Hubby used to do the same, too and since
Alonzo's piggy bank 
is nearly full I created one for him.
I decided to "pretty things up" a bit with a little spray paint and a marker pen.  

This literally only takes a few minutes to make.
Honestly, the "hardest" part was waiting for the paint to dry!
I have to tell you though that the labels will
still show through after painting. 
They won't get entirely covered by the paint
unless you scratch them off.

I didn't bother doing this extra step but
I think our "new" piggy bank still looks adorably cute! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Frugal Finds at Uniwide

A post by n@wie friend, Maqui, remimded me
 of how hubby (then boyfriend) and I used to go
to Uniwide to stock up on junk food during our college days. 

Anyway, a random stop over at Uniwide along Sucat road
turned out to be a pleasant surprise.    
It's been ages since the last time we've been to there.

It still looks like the same dark and dusty warehouse that
we used to be so familiar with but this time
hubby and I purchased several stuff for the house.

Among the ones that we bought, these would have to be my favorite.
The ceramic letters are such a great find -- perfect for the "alphabet wall" that I'm planning set up
(25 more letters to go!)

Letters: P15 each 
Crown: P29 each.
We were also able to get Alonzo
a little table and chair for his play room and mini library
for a little less than half the amount of what we could have paid for at another department store.

We are definitely going back!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eraser Heart Stamp

Valentine's day has never been a big deal for hubby and I.
Not after we got married. Not even when we were just dating.
I don't think we'ver ever been on a date during Valentine's day.
Call us the Mr.and Mrs. Scrooge of Valentine's.

This littlest heart stamp is a rather spontaneous
 mini project that I did. 
I saw several pieces of unused pencils with erasers (which really do not erase quite efficiently) and carved out a heart.

I was stamping little hearts on pieces of reminder notepads (recycled from my niece's old school notebook) while hubby was making dinner. Before we knew it hubby and I had set ourselves to a little V-day date -- our very first!  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Matching Mommy and Son Clothes

When Alonzo was just about 3 months old
(this post is obviously long over due) 
I had matching mommy and son outfits made for us
-- tops for me and shorts for the little guy

Alonzo at 3 months

Since I wanted Alonzo to be able to wear the shorts for a long time
I deliberately had them made to fit a toddler
(I just folded the hems and adjusted the garters
so my then 3-month old could already wear them). 

Alonzo at Vasco's birthday, at 4 months

A couple of weeks ago, for some reason (terrible two's, perhaps?)
Alonzo suddenly refused to wear anything with zippers. 
He has outgrown most of his gartered shorts and pants.
Good thing he could still wear our matching shorts!

We've been quite known at the pedia clinic for our matching outfits and we often get asked if hubby has his matching outfit, too. 
Unfortunately, hubby refuses to have anything to do with it.
He said we might end up looking like we've come from a scene
from the "Sound of Music" (hmp!).

Alonzo at 6 months
Anyway, I know it is only a matter of time before the little guy 
refuses to wear anything that I'll try to put on him and
obviously, we couldn't wear matching outfits forever!
But in the mean time I'm trying to make the most out of the
little time that I have.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm back...sort of

I've been extremely busy these past few weeks and
had to put on hold my crafting projects.
Somehow I did manage to sneek in a bit of vacay time
at the beach with hubby and our little one.
Yup, it was Alonzo's first time at the beach and he loved it!

As soon as my schedule "normalizes" a bit (soon, I hope!)
I'll be working on my pending crafts and projects.