Friday, May 23, 2014

Refashioned No Sew Bikini for Toddlers

Refashion an old t-shirt into bikini top and bottom for your little toddler. All you’ll need is an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors. This project is so easy that you could put everything together in less than 10 minutes. Sewing skills are absolutely not required. Trust me; all it takes are a few cuts and knots!

Step 1: Lay t-shirt on a flat surface.

Step 2: Fold the middle part of the front and back of the shirt towards the sides, positioning the side seams at the center.

Step 3: Position scissors at the corner of the neckline and cut downwards at an angle, leaving around 3-4 inches from the bottom hem 

Step 4: From the shoulder area cut downward, using the side seams as a guide. Direct the scissors horizontally to leave about 2-3 inches from the bottom. You will end up with 3 separate pieces. The bikini top will be made from the larger center piece while rectangular piece will form the bikini bottom. Discard the third scrap of fabric.   

Step 5: Cut the back portion all the way through and unfold fabric.  


Step 6: Make 2 vertical cuts along upper portion of each of the “triangles” and braid to make the straps.

Step 7: Make a simple knot at the center.

Step 8: To form the bikini bottom, get the other piece of fabric that formed the back of the shirt and fold in half. Fold in half again.

Step 9: Trim off the top portion (open ends) to form a straight line.
Step 10: Measure about 1 ½ inches from the center fold and cut at an angle. Direct scissors horizontally to leave about 1 ½ inches from the open ends.

Step 11: Unfold and tie to straps together.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

No Sew DIY Bikini for Toddlers

I really had fun with this project. The editors from Yahoo! She asked me to write an article on how to make swimsuits for kids. I think I came up with something better. 

These bikini top and bottoms are refashioned from old shirts and best of all, these are so easy to make even for those with absolutely zero sewing skills. 

My adorable twin nieces eagerly modeled for me while my cousins, Bless and Paolo helped with the photos. The "photo shoot" also gave me a chance to bond and spend time with my cousins despite our hectic schedules (O, diba, Penny?). It was also a perfect excuse to munch on tacos and lechon manok

Will post a step by step tutorial soon! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Questions from a 4 Year Old

While counting his dominoes

Alonzo: 1,2,3,....10,11,12,13....19,20,...27,28,29.......(long pause, as if he was thinking really hard) Mama, why isn't there a twenty-ten?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Best Mother's Day Gift -- Ever!

This afternoon while Alonzo was in a super playful, harot mood. As he seemed to bounce from one sofa to another he all of the sudden said, "Thank you, Mama." I asked what for. He answered, "Mama, thank you, for YOU!" and gave me a kiss. 


Friday, May 9, 2014

Pink Lemonade

It was a big surprise to know that hubby hasn't heard of how the juice of boiled kamote leaves will turn pink when calamansi juice is added to it. My sisters and I had this kind of juice all the time as kids. I also remember a segment about this in Batibot with Ate Sienna (okay, this kind of gives off my age -- if you don't know who ate Sienna is or if you don't know what Batibot is I'd be a little hurt).  Also, we often use those 2 ingredients together in sinigang and now I wonder why hubby hasn't bothered to ask why our sinigang soup is pink. My recent post on "sophisticated" ice-candy flavors also kind of got the attention of some of the faculty members at work. They were quite intrigued. Hmm... I assumed all along that everybody knows how to make "pink lemonade".   

Alonzo loved the calamansi and basil flavored ice candy that I made. To be honest, he didn't care much about the 2 other flavors (he didn't like the ginger taste with the pineapple, while the chopped mint leaves with the mango and cucumber kind of threw him off). Anyway, here's a simple step by step tutorial on how to make pink "lemonade".

Step 1: Boil a few kamote leaves in water


Step 2: Squeeze the juice of calamansi

Step 3: Pour kamote juice on to a pitcher and add cold water
Step 4: Add calamansi juice (watch closely as the liquid transforms into a lovely pink color)   

 (I took a video of this but it is taking forever to upload!)

Step 5: Sweeten with honey or sugar


Step 6: Add ice


Friday, May 2, 2014

Sophisticated Ice Candy

Now that summer’s heat is in full swing cool down with a favorite and classic Filipino treat -- ice candy! The addition of herbs and yes, even some veggies gives more depth and a sophisticated twist to the fruity flavors. Here are 3 unique and refreshing flavors that you won’t find at your neighbors ice candy stand. 

Pink calamansi and basil ice candy
Step 1: Make a basic sugar syrup by combining 1/3 cup sugar and 1 cup water in a saucepan over medium heat. Flavor syrup with a few basil leaves. Spoon out the basil leaves. Set aside and let it cool.

Step 2: Boil 3 cups water with about a handful of camote tops (talbos ng kamote). Set aside and let it cool.
Step 3: Squeeze out the juice of 20 calamansi. Strain into a pitcher.

Step 4: Pour cooled camote tops-infused water on to pitcher with calamansi (the liquid will turn pink!) and sweeten with syrup.
Step 5: With a funnel pour into ice candy plastic bags and freeze overnight.

Mango, mint and cucumber ice candy
Step 1: Peel, seed and cut 2 medium cucumbers into chunks. .

Step 2: Scoop out the flesh of 2 medium ripe mangoes.

Step 3: Place mangoes and cucumbers together in a blender. Add ¼ cup of fresh mint leaves and 3 cups mango juice.

Step 4: Blend to desired consistency and pour mixture into a pitcher.
Step 5: With a funnel pour into ice candy plastic bags and freeze overnight.

Spiced pineapple and lemongrass ice candy
Step 1: Combine 1 cup water, 1/3 cup sugar, 3-5 sprigs of lemongrass and about a thumb size piece of peeled ginger in a saucepan over medium heat. Turn off heat when it slightly thickens into a syrup. Set aside and let it cool.

Step 2: Pour 3 cups of unsweetened pineapple juice into a pitcher and add syrup.

Step 3: With a funnel pour into ice candy plastic bags and freeze overnight.