Thursday, October 6, 2011

alonzo's 1st halloween costume

for last year's halloween, i dressed my little 8 month old
as a starbucks barista.

i initially planned to stencil the logo over the apron but after several attempts i realized that having it printed out for me at a local computer shop in BF was easier and less messy!
mama sewed the cap while i also made a "bucket" out of an old lamp shade and made it look like a starbucks cup with a "sleeve". 
now that's what i call a "trenta"! haha!

this costume won alonzo the most original costume award at the
sta. elena golf and country club trick or treat event. 
i was even told (by gippy tantoco at another time) that it even caught the attention of starbucks philippines CEO, eduardo lopez! 


  1. super like!!! cute and unique costume....and cute baby too!

    -- marla

  2. thanks, marla

    honestly, i dont think i could ever top this. haha!