Saturday, May 25, 2013

Recycled Box Sari Sari Store

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get this posted. This box play store has actually been around for about a year now
(super duper late post, I know!) and a photo of it has already appeared in this blog. I have received a few messages and inquiries about it but I kind of had some trouble looking for the photos from my files...sorry for the delay and I hope you'll find it worth the wait. 

Now that the rainy season has officially started your kids may just be forced to stay indoors. Keep them safe and entertained for hours playing “tinda-tindahan”!  
This form of pretend play can help enhance their imagination, sorting skills (classify items according to size, variety, etc…), counting proficiency or it simply trains them to become money savvy by teaching real-world economics.
Create a toy grocery store out of a large empty box with your kids. Surely, you won’t feel the need to have the kids plastered to the television or computer during the rainy season.
For this project you'll need:
one huge box
packaging or duct tape
scissors or cutter
Step 1: Extend the flaps at the bottom and at the top of the box opening
 Step 2: Cut off 2 rectangles to make a door and a window

 Step 3: Support the flaps by gluing pieces of cardboard from the inside
  Step 4: Create a “ledge” on the window by cutting a folded piece of cardboard that fits over the window.
 Step 5: Secure this piece with glue and/ or packaging tape over the window.
Step 6: Create a shelf on the wall by cutting a rectangular piece of cardboard that is equal to the width of the wall.
(If you can find a box that that matches the dimensions of the wall you may use this instead and skip this step)
 Step 7: Make "flanges" to support the shelf by gluing small pieces of cardboard on the wall
Step 8: Create an awning by measuring a piece of a folded part of cardboard the same width as the facade with the window and about 12 inches in height. Add 3 inches more to the height and to that add another 2 inches on each side to make flaps. Cut and create a scalloped pattern
 Step 9: Place awing on top (opposite the direction of the folds to prevent it from drooping). Fold the flaps inward and secure with glue and/ or tape
  Step 10: Paint
Step 11: Use shelves to arrange pretend canned food (check this out, too!), toy milk or juice boxes, or other inexpensive “play food” that you might have such as empty boxes of cereal, empty tubs of butter, etc...
Step 12: Add details such as a “grocery store” sign, “open/ closed” sign and extra storage on the outside by laying basket in front to hold little crates or baskets or a pretend cash register.


  1. thanks, cha. it may look complicated to make but its pretty easy!

  2. wow! irene, im really impressed. galing galing naman!

    - che

  3. This was a really fun project to do when your bored!