Friday, October 7, 2011

egg paper mache

my very first paper mache craft was during grade school. 
i was asked to take part in an interpretative reading contest and needed to make a mask/head piece of a pig(!!!).
i didn't win the contest and i avowed that performing really isn't my thing.

well, i enjoyed making my costume more than actually performing! surprisingly, it's been a while since the last time i paper mache-d. i just never got around to do so.
anyway, i have several paper mache crafts in mind this halloween!   but first, here are the basic steps to paper mache-ing: 

step 1: cut strips of paper and soak in water
step 2: dab water all over the mold

you may use real, emptied egg shells (just poke a small hole at the bottom part) or plastic toy eggs.
personally, i prefer to use plastic ones than real eggs. i find it easier to detach the paper off the plastic egg molds rather the real eggs

step 3: lay first layer of paper strips over mold
step 4: apply a thin layer of glue over initial layer of paper
step 5: layer strips of paper over mold
step 6: repeat steps 4 and step until "egg" is thick enough
step 7: let dry over night 

step 8: with an exacto knife cut across "egg"
and detach from mold 
(you may make "jagged" cuts to give a "broken egg shell appearance")

step 9: to make "whole" eggs reattach egg shells and glue a thin layer of paper over it  

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