Sunday, October 23, 2011

re-using empty baby food bottles: luminaries

this halloween project can be done in a few minutes.
because it is relatively easy and also very tolerant for mistakes, this would be perfect for instant or last minute halloween party plans!       

step 1: cupapel de hapon into approximately 2-inch strips

step 2: coat bottle with a thin layer of watered down glue
step 3: apply papel de hapon over bottle, allow strips to slightly overlap -- just as you would with paper mache)

step 4: continue until entire bottle is coated
(its okay if you don't smoothen out the creases. as i said, this project can tolerate major imperfections!) 

step 5: let it dry
(note that a single layer this gives a more transluscet effect)
take note of this little baby higad trying to sabotage my project!

step 6: cut and paste a prefered image onto bottle
this is just a symbol printed out from the computer!

step 7: pour a bit of sand inside and top with tea candle  


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