Sunday, October 30, 2011

toilet paper craft: vintage airplane

i know it's been a while since my last post. i had a really busy week. my halloween projects have piled up on me and
it's almost the 31st! i guess i'll just have to save my unstarted and unfinished projects for next year. 
i also realize that this craft project isn't exactly in tune with the halloween season but it'll have to do (see last photo).   

the idea for this project hit me in the wee hours of the morning. 
(just as soon as my little toddler woke me up, searching for his favorite thing in the world --- his "binky"). 
before going to bed i had been staring at a drawer full of toilet paper rolls and kept thinking of creative ways to re-use them.
we all have our light bulb moments. for most of us these light bulb moments come to offer guidance and providence, provide deep insight on life and its meaning. for me, my so-called "aha moments" inspire me about the profoundness of what to do with toilet paper rolls.

allow me to share my light bulb moment idea with you.... 

step 1: cut out the parts of your plane (i used corrugated card board) 

step 2: cut out a circular hole from toilet paper roll
(make it slightly off center)
step 3: cut out "slots" for the wings and tail

step 4: insert 2 circle cut outs on each end of the tube 
step 5: attach the rest of the plane parts and glue in place

step 6: paint and attach stickers onto plane (optional)

this little witch prefers to fly by plane over the traditional broomstick!


  1. thanks, anney!

    i really had fun with planning to make more!

  2. This one is the best by far. Love your creativity. And thanks for sharing. I will be using these at my son's birthday party and stuffing the cockpit with candy for the guests to take home. Thanks again.

  3. hi, melissa

    oh tha's great! thanks!

    here's another idea that you might like. check this out:

    thanks again

  4. They were a hit. Everyone liked them and I am passing on your website to my aunt who wanted to see exactly how they were made. Thanks again.

  5. Oh, and my husband came up with the brilliant idea to tie them to our ceiling fans during the party and have the fans turned on low. Made for a very fun airplane themed party.

  6. oh wow! thats great! thanks, melissa. your commnet made my day

  7. Hi Irene,

    Thanks for sharing the detailed tutorial. I made it and my son loves it very much. May I link it to my site

  8. Hi Irene,

    I will credit you in my post. Thanks in advance.

  9. thanks, dragonfly! im glad your son liked it

  10. This is my favorite! Great how yo t make something wonderful out of the most mundane stuff! Love it

    - marela