Sunday, October 2, 2011

hand embroidered pillow

This small pillow is free style, hand-embroidery project that I did more than ten years ago, to help me de-stress while reviewing for the dental board exam. It was something I did to help me take my mind off anything related to dentistry. My study routine started at exactly 7am and ended by 11pm (or until sawa), with only a 30 minute break for each meal plus a (liberal) rest period from 1-2 pm that I allowed myself either for a nap or to watch Oprah. Whenever Oprah would win over nap time I would also be working on this project. The entire pillow case (including the pillow), each stitch of the embroidery and the little pearl bead work was made during commercials breaks. 

I was really flattered when hubby's (then boyfriend) mom and sisters all thought that it was machine embroidered and even thought hubby was lying when he said that I sewed everything by hand.  
Forgive me if I sound self-glorious but I really am proud of this project and would consider this an heirloom piece. I'm not sure if I could make another project as intensive as this --- I hardly have the time not to mention the patience (I'd rather save both for my little toddler)!


  1. you should really be proud! you have the hands for crafts talaga. so admirable! ^_^

  2. what a beauty!!! pang heirloom piece talaga :)
    -nawie sis rachel

  3. hellow fellow N@wies!

    thanks for your kind words