Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY pretend food: eggs

i suspect that i might be enjoying playing with my son's "pretend food" more than he does. oh, don't get me wrong he loves to pile, sort, and toss everything that the room resembles what it really looks like during his actual meal time! 

i know he gets the idea that these are things that you play with and just make believe because he pretends to eat and does a lot of "air chewing"
however, he also teases me by pretending to bite off the "bacon" from his pretend sandwich! :)    

anyway, this project makes use of a bit of paper mache (will make a tutorial on this soon) and the usual cut out styrofoam placemats to make the broken "egg". 
step 1: crack egg open

step 2: fry egg in pan

step 3: serve with buttered toast and ham!


  1. So cool!
    The egg paper mache alone, looks great. Ay may laman pa pala!

  2. kunyari lang yung laman! i made 2 paper mache eggs. 1 that is "whole" and another that's broken :)