Monday, October 10, 2011

undersize me: miniature food part 3

my little toddler loves to snack on raisins. he eats it with or without cheerios (another favorite snack).  
a few days ago, we unexpectedly ran out of raisins and
so we had to make sudden stop to the grocery. 
well, guess what i found?

isn't this the cutest, tiniest raisin box?
i just had to get a pack of these over the regular sized boxes. i know, it would have turned out cheaper to get the bigger box but i couldn't resist.

it's so tiny that it could only fit a single
piece of prune inside!

1 comment:

  1. what can i say...your enthusiasm for your miniature food finds are contagious! i suddenly (and unexpectedly) found myself doingthe same thing at the gorcery.

    L-O-V-E your blog!

    -- marla