Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween decorating

i didn't grow up in a house that decorated for halloween. 
i guess it follows that i also won't decorate our house for this holiday. for me, it seemed a little superfluous, not to mention cumbersome to go all out with the decors when most of the neighbors have already started decorating their homes for christmas
(our neighborhood isn't too big on halloween). 
you may notice that i'm speaking in past tense here.  
well, this year i gave in and decided to embellish our home
a bit for halloween.  

what can i say? halloween crafting and decorating is so much fun!

i know this isn't much.
as i mentioned from a recent post, i had been extremely busy and ran out of time!
i hoped that could have done a little bit more.

but there's always next year...

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