Friday, September 30, 2011

sock puppet

abi, my 10 year old niece, showed me a sock puppet i made for her years ago. i asked her if i could borrow her puppet and use it as as a tool to demonstrate oral hygiene in an more engaging manner to my toddler (who all of a suddenly had become adverse to brushing his teeth!).

abi, then 7 years, showing off her "new" toy
   i realize, though, that the puppet doesn't have teeth!
hubby brushing puppet's tongue!
 i'm reminded of the sock pupper hubby made (with lots of sewing help from me, by the way). he designed it to look like a dragon/ lochness monster. he made it at about the same time i was making abi's. we've both been searching for hubby's monster puppet but it seems to have diasppeared. good thing i took photos of it before.  

huddy's eyeless dragon puppet
(don't tell lolo that his old dentures were used as a prop!)
perhaps next time i should either make a puppet with a full set of chompers or again secretly borrow lolo's dentures!

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