Thursday, September 8, 2011

fun with a magnifying glass

i just had to post about this. i was rummaging through a file of old photos a couple of days ago and found a folder containing these pictures. i remember it was a bright and breezy sunday, just the perfect weather to just lounge around. our then 7 year old niece (she's 10 now!), however, was bored and tired of playing with her dolls. she then asked hubby to help her think of something else to do. hubby took out a magnifying glass and showed the little girl a couple of tricks!

together they observed an ant trail.
truly, a magnifying glass is the easiest way to observe little things and it gives us a different perspective of the things around us. it took them a good half hour before switching to another activity.

  he also taught her that you can burn things and make fire with it (gasp)! obviously, this should only be taught  to children who are old enough the know how to use this trick responsively. 

 and lastly, they made funny faces with it!

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  1. cute and fun photos! i think my son will love this activity. thanks for sharing