Monday, September 19, 2011

undersize me: miniature food part 2

Although I did notice (not just recently) that several locally branded items such as instant noodles, chips, canned meatloaf, sausage and corned beef, etc. have shrunk in size to adjust to rising costs, grocery shopping to accomodate my current obsession for miniature-sized food turns out to be harder than I thought.
I was hoping to find miniature-sized condiments (I know Heinz, A1 and Tabasco have these), Campbell's soup (only found the ones that come in boxes....oh well, will just have to make pretend soup cans out of toilet paper rolls) and wouldn't a miniature Spam be adorably precious?

 Anyway, these are what I have found from my recent miniature food grocery shopping hunt. (the small block of cheese isn't in the photo as Alonzo was already busy playing with the empty box).

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