Tuesday, September 27, 2011

paper doll family

all of the crafts that i have made in the past, this is perhaps one of my favorites. years ago, i made paper dolls out of a photo copied piture of me and hubby when we where in pre-school. i thought that its about time i make one of my little toddler.

paper doll of me and hubby beside an ultrasound image of alonzo
--- our very first "family picture"

step 1: photo copy a picture and cut out "head"
step 2: roughly draw the "body" on cardboard
step 3: paste "head" over cardboard

step 4: cut

step 5: with front side of paper doll facing down over wrong side of fabric, trace "body" to make clothes

step 6: cut fabric and paste onto paper doll
step 7: you may add details such as a collar, pocket, belt, etc...

step 7: bend at the "hips" and "knee" part and let doll sit over a ledge or shelf


  1. super like! they're so cute! thank you for sharing this, sis... i am definitely going to make gaya! ^_^

    i love the details of your dress here. pati yung mj shoes, winner!

  2. thanks, lanie! this project is super fun... enjoy!