Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY pretend food: sandwiches

i prefer referring to "play food" as "pretend food" for fear that my son gets the idea that food is something to play with. anyway, i found these wooden coasters and placemats inside what i call the "clutter kitchen drawer".
i thought that i could turn these into "pretend food" to go with my son's play oven (maybe i should start referring to his play oven as pretend oven too?).

here's what i did:
step 1: shade border of wooden coaster to resemble the crust of a loaf of bread step 2: cut placemat according to shape or form of food desired (as in a slice of ham, cheese (already pre-cut) lettuce leaf and strips of bacon
step 3: assemble to make a ham and cheese sandwich

..... or a BLT

now, wasn't that super easy and fun!


  1. Nice one, Irene!
    Maybe you can also put small empty cereal boxes in the play kitchen pantry.
    kelan kaya kami papayag ni hubby magkaroon ng play kitchen?

  2. yup, was thinking about that too! the little boxes of cereal, small tubs of butter, need to instal a small shelf on top of the play oven though

    alonzo doesnt seem to care much about "putting the pretend food together" e. its more about the shapes and textures.

    im pretty sure aki will love having his own play kitchen

  3. like the pretend food, alonzo also "pretend eats"...very where's the real one :)


  4. hi irene. i just have to say that i enjoy reading about your crafts & craft ideas! ^_^

  5. hi, lanie. thank you ao much!

  6. cathy, thanks! isabella would love this!

  7. so cute and adorable! keep it up!


  8. thank you, mikey! thanks for dropping by