Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Pretend Food: Spam

I've been meaning to update my son's pretend pantry for so some time but I always seem to be distracted by other things (aren't we always?).
Although the drums are still Alonzo's favorite thing to play with he divides his play time among his other toys such as his Lego, puzzles, plastic dinosaurs, dominoes, airplanes, plush animals (I'm so pleased that he rekindled the interest for these!)and also his pretend food (pancakes, eggs, waffles and sandwiches).
He likes to play "restaurant" and pretends to whip us something to eat. Its so cute when you see him almost in a rush to prepare spaghetti (strands of yarn) for his dad and lumpia (small pieces of wood from his puzzle)for me.
 I made for him a "sari-sari" store months ago (will blog about this soon) and  he also likes to make an inventory of his wares and carefully stacks them one by one.      
In an attempt to add more items to his pantry/ store I came up with the idea of making a pretend Spam can. This is actually a modification of the pretend canned food that I made made before.
Materials needed:
Spam can
a small box
gray colored dict tape
Step 1:
Cut box to desired size
Step 2: Close the tabs of the box and glue 

Step 3: Unpeel label off Spam can
Step 4: Cut label so that the height is equall to the height of the box
Step 5: Cover top and bottom of the box with duct tape
Step 6: Wrap label around the box and secure with tape
The little guy loves it!

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