Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Super Easy Banana "Crepe" Recipe

The idea for this was inspired from a pancake recipe by one of my current favorite bloggers. Alonzo loves bananas (banana bread, banana oatmeal, you name it) so it's a no-brainer that this appealed to him jut as much and is now his "top-seller" breakfast dish.
There are only 2-3 ingredients for this recipe: 
1 banana
1 egg
non-stick cooking spray or butter
(not necessary when using a Teflon pan)
Step 1: Beat egg
Step 2: Add in sliced banana and mash
Step 3: Heat pan and coat lightly with cooking spray
Step 4: Pour banana-egg mixture.
Add sliced bananas if you like
Step 5: Flip "crepe" over to cook the other side
Step 6: Remove from pan, fold or roll "crepe" and serve
You can make about 3 "crepes" with this recipe.

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