Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hand Sewn Stuffed Animals

We have been doing a lot of sorting and organizing 
at the house for the past few weeks.
Spring cleaning (does the term apply in this part of the globe?).
We have boxes and boxes of old baby stuff.
It's amazing how much stuff a little person can own!
If you live with a toddler you know what I mean.   
The clothes, shoes and other baby stuff that 
our little guy have outgrown have already been packed 
and are ready to be given away.


These little stuffed animals were found under a pile of
old towels. I made these when I was just a few weeks pregnant with my son. I have almost forgotten about them
but I just could not give them away!

The patterns are just free style drawings while the
fabric used are from old bed covers and pillow cases. 

The little guy does not seem to be interested in playing with them anymore. He is more interested now with his trucks and trains.
He is also so much into "cooking" right now
that I have also made for him are all in good use.


  1. Those are wonderful hand sewn animals! I would love to make these (for me. haha) :D

  2. Oh oh! I've been wanting to make hand sewn stuffed animals too. I wish i can draw patterns too. Kaso I don't have that gift. hahaha. but i shall look for patterns so i can start this project soon. :))

  3. hey, suyen. why not!!! thanks!

    faye, the patterns are just simple. kahit sa coloring books ka tumingin. you could just trace the images. thanks!

  4. hello, what did you use to stuff the animals? I'm looking for something washable :) Thank you!

  5. hi, romela

    the stuffing i used is a nylon filling material. a huge bag costs P120 (or was it (P150?) along tabora street in divisoria