Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clothes Pin Framed Mirror

Hubby and I started to redecorate the house around November last year. We intended to keep it low cost and DIY -- of course!
The kitchen was done just in time for my sister-in-law's visit from Australia and for our Christmas family reunion. 
I promise to show you the "before and after" photos soon. 

The living room is "still a work in progress" and it might
take some time before we could say that we are actually "done".
I was hoping that we could replace our existing sofa set
(I just hate how bulky and heavy it looks!)
but since the intention is to keep our home make-over low-cost
we'll be keeping the old sofa for now. 
What we've done for the living room so far, aside from the paint job,
was rearranging the furniture and replacing the
old, funeral parlor-like curtains.
Oh, what a big difference a change of curtains did to the living room!     

Anyway, the living room also had a small, bare wall. I have been endlessly thinking of creative and cheap ways to spruce it up until I discovered this blog haven for DIY-ers such as moi. 
Seriously, I wish I could claim credit for this simple and clever idea! 

Here's what you'll need:
1. wooden clothes pins --- lots of it! 
(I bought these at Japan Home for P66 per bag
and used a little more than 3 bags.

2. rounded mirror
(Instead of purchasing a ready-made one I just went to a local glass maker to cut for me a 20" diameter mirror. A smaller diameter mirror at SM costs about P2,000 while this one only set us back by P700!
Also don't forget to tell them to attach a hanging slot at the back)

3. glue gun

As for the procedure, there's nothing to it! Simply apply hot glue onto the clothes pins and attach them to the mirror.  

I really love how this project turned out.

It only took about 30 minutes to make and
who would guess that this cost us only less than P900!!!

Not only was it was fun, easy and cheap,
on our once bare wall now hangs a functional and stylish piece of art.

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