Monday, January 9, 2012

Reusing Toilet Paper Rolls

We've started taking down the Christmas ornaments both at my parents' house and ours. The garlands, Christmas lights, cardboard Christmas trees, gingerbread men and yup, even the
paper cupcakes have already been packed away and stored. The only thing left hanging is the appreciation wreath at my parents'front door (I don't feel like taking it out just yet).    

Anyway, speaking of packing away and storing stuff, here are useful ways that will make you think twice about disposing toilet paper rolls (even the ones used for foil, plastic wrap, etc.
--keep them all!).

Aside from creating play canned food or vintage planes out of them you may also wrap and store your Christmas lights around these cardboard tubes and prevent them from getting tangled.

Here (left) I used plastic wrap tubes but you can also insert toilet paper tubes together (right)

I also use them to hold documents and most of Alonzo's artworks! 

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    also some tips, adjust your text colors, add some facebook integration like facebook comments or share buttons. if you need help email me i'll be happy to help you on your blog for free.