Monday, January 16, 2012

Recycled T-shirt Scarf

It usually gets quite chilly this time of the year and
I've been saving this project for this time. Although I'm really not a "scarf person" part of my new year's resolution is to be
more open and give new things a try. It seems, however, that summer is about to creep in and it might just be a little silly for me to be wearing a scarf when its obviously sweltering.
My youngest sister from San Francisco will appreciate this scarf more and I'll probably just hand this down to her.

Anyway, for this project all you will need is an old t-shirt, preferably one with an interesting print or pattern.

Step 1: cut shirt accordingly.
The middle portion of the shirt is what you will be using for this project.
(Keep the top/neckline and sleeve portion for future crafts or
you could simply use this as a rag)

Step 2: make parallel vertical cuts on the "V" portion of the shirt for make fringes
Step 3: make knots to make the fringes more distinct 

Step 4: twist scarf to form a figure 8 and slide through your head



  1. this is nice :) ive been wanting to do one myself :)

  2. galing....abi (n@w)

  3. really C-U-T-E!!! love it