Friday, January 27, 2012

Sunday's Frugal Finds!

Alonzo received a lot of toys as gifts last Christmas. Mima even sent 2 balikbayan boxes full of toys (if you're Filipino you know what I'm talking about)! Most of his new toys are kept at my parents' house where he spends most of the day and the rest are at our house. We also kept the toys that are not yet appropriate for his age.

With my sister-in-law's permission, we'll be converting her room into Alonzo's playroom and mini library. No, we won't be doing anything extreme. Actually, we'll just be moving the beds against the walls and literally just bring in all the toys. 
We knew that we had a lot of sorting and organizing to do so off to Dapitan we went to purchase some baskets to get ourselves started. 

Would you believe that all these (nine baskets all in all!) cost us only P400?!

After less than an hour (we got there at around 8:30am) we were all done and the car's trunk was full. Hubby and I couldn't believe how much time we still had so we decided to make a quick stop at Cash and Carry for brunch. Of course, I also had to make mandatory(?) "inventory" at their Book Sale branch.

For only P240 we were able to get these for Alonzo's library!


  1. great find! they sell those baskets at Muji for Php 1,499.75 each if im not mistaken. Ang mahal diba?

  2. em, exactly! although i really love what they sell over at muji i just couldnt get myself to pay more than what i could get them for somewhere else.

  3. Hi,sis! Where did you buy those baskets? Me likey!

  4. cha, these are from different stalls in dapitan.