Sunday, January 29, 2012

DIY Cardbboard Box Gas Pump

Turn an empty box such as this into...


All you'll need to do is

Step 1: cover it with paper
(or you may use sticker paper and electric tape) 

Step 2: Draw out details and labels with a marker pen 

Step 3:  Attach "nozzle" with "hose" onto the pump
(here I used a piece of tube that was part of 
Alonzo's plastic broom handle as the "nozzle" and 
strands of twisted straw as the "hose")

This kept the little boy amused for hours
(okay, I'm exaggerating a little here)

But I have to say it was a hit among the girls!


  1. cute! i shouldnt have disposed our empty cereal boxes.... i'll be making one next time!


  2. ooppss...this is sarah (hi! from cebu)

  3. hi,sarah

    thanks! hey, i have an empty cheerios box and another one is about to get empty (my son loves cheerios!). you want?