Thursday, November 24, 2011

home make over

hubby and i are giving the home a make-over. DIY, of course!
we've started painting the kitchen walls and cabinets. i've also finished making a hanging mirror frame for the living room.
well, that's just about what we have accoplished so far.
i have what seems like an endless list of things to do and i keep changing my mind as to what paint color we'll use for the
living room and hallway.  

our little toddler had been under the weather for the past few days so we had to set aside the paint brushes for a while. he's getting better now and i can't wait to get back to fixing the house up. you can only imagine how everything is in disarray!
hopefully we could finally finish the kitchen before the end of the week (fingers crossed). 

i also found a copy of this book at booksale for a fraction of the price at powerbooks. i've been meaning to get a copy of another book by anita kaushal but this one is just perfect!  even before we had alonzo i already knew that i wanted our future child to grow up in a "fun and happy" home over one that appeared spotless and the author/ designer embrasses this type to design phylisophy.
the book offers so many design ideas and i'm super inspired!

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