Monday, August 8, 2011

DIY gift wrapping paper

those who really know me know how much i love gift wrapping. they also know much i try to veer away from using store-bought wrapping paper.

one thing you can skimp on would be on those deceivingly, inexpensive yards of paper. seriously, how much is a roll of gift wrap these days? i mean, why not save a little money and have fun at the same time?

among my favorite materials to use are pattern paper, manila paper, papel de hapon, newspaper, brown paper bags and even leaves! i spruce things up with bits of little knick knacks such as twigs, pine cones, dried leaves, little balloons, mini torotot (made of rolled paper to resemble one), confetti and even a bundle of garlic. oh, i could really go crazy when i'm up to it!

anyway, we had this children's party to go to a couple of days ago.

i didn't want to use anything that could be hazardous for little kids to choke on so i opted to just draw little car patterns all over pattern paper.

here's our little gift. all set and ready for the birthday boy!

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