Thursday, August 25, 2011

extreme parenting

i chanced upon my sister's old comic book, "Xtreme Parenting" by Jerry Scott , a compilation of my favorite Baby Blues comic strip. i have been a fan of Baby Blues since the mid-90's! i have read this book several times over but never before having a baby. now that i'm a mom i enjoyed re-reading it even more!

here are a few of my favorite lines:

"watching your kids grow is like having front row seats to the greatest show in the world...and its only 11 years till the next intermission"

"educational toys are such a rip-off...the truth is all toys hurt the same when you step on them bare foot in the middle of the night"

" the dullest day of being a kid is the more exciting than the best day of being a grown up"

and this is my favorite one of all...

"when you have kids the years are short but the days are long"

so true! who knew comic strips could be so insightful?

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