Tuesday, August 16, 2011

re-using plastic mesh bags

mesh bags or tubes, the kind used to hold fruit or vegetables in the grocery, may be re-used for various cleaning jobs in the house.

by simply scrunching and tying them up to form a ball these may be used for scrubing pots, pans, bath tubs and even toilet bowls!

they may be used to hold and protect delicate articles of clothing (such as undies, hoisery, scarves) in the washing machine.

at my son's toddler class, they hang them around the faucet to hold soap (what a clever way to keep the slick, wet soap bars from slipping off little toddler hands!)

we also use the mesh bag to tote around wet slippers, sandals, toys or what-nots (a practical way to prevent sand from collecting at the bottom of your beach bag!)

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