Sunday, May 19, 2013

Last Call for Summer

Tomorrow is one of my sister's birthday.
Growing up, it somehow felt that days before her birthday marked the last few days of summer. As a child, I remember how it always rained on her birthday (I swear!) and some of her birthday parties had to be cancelled or postponed because of a storm.
Friends and classmates found it amusing (and quite odd)that I almost always say that it'll rain on the 20th of May
(Example: a school mate in post grad was planning a trip to Enchanted Kingdom and I was like, "Nako,wag sa Friday! Uulan non...May 20 yon, diba?")       
Anyway, Alonzo has been taking his day baths outdoors in his foldable tub
(the dog chewed up his inflatable pool last year and we haven't been able to replace it yet) and I randomly thought it might be fun to make a water bottle sprinkler for him.
This is a modification of the original procedure though.  Since this was an out-of-the-blue idea I didn't have time to look for  most of the materials needed, especially for an adaptor for the hose to fit into the water bottle.
Here's all that I used:
Empty plastic soda or water bottle
Duct tape
Step 1: Heat the tip of a nail over a stove or candle and use it to bore holes through the plastic bottle (instead of using a drill) 
Step 2: Remove the bottle cap and attach the end of a hose on to the opening (the hose didn't exactly fit on to the bottle so this is where an adaptor would be helpfull)
Step 3: Tape around the joint between the bottle and the hose
Step 4: Turn on faucet
I'll have to admit that I kind of semi failed on this one. The water didn't sprinkle out more than I thought it would. The tape around the bottle and hose held up pretty well and didn't leak at the junction. So I'm guessing we just didn't have that much water pressure to produce the same effect as in the tutorial.
  Well, Alonzo didn't seem to mind and had a lots of fun anyways.
Advanced happy birthday, sis!


  1. taba na ni Alonzo!!
    punta kayo sa playdate next week!

  2. Maqui, I know! taba-chingching sya ngayon. we'll see if we can make it