Monday, March 4, 2013

Alonzo's 3rd Birthday

A few weeks before Alonzo's birthday I asked him what he wanted to get and, without any thought his immediate answer was, "balloons!". "Okay", I thought, that would be easy and for a couple of seconds my mind began to conceptualize an "Up" birthday party theme.
The birthday balloon surprise idea, which I had planned way before also seemed to fall right in with his simple wish.
My thoughts were disrupted when Alonzo began telling me that he wanted all his balloons to be purple in color. "Huh?, when did he start to like purple?", I asked myself. Apparently, purple IS his current favorite color!   
I had to scratch the "Up" theme and had to think of something that would go well with the color purple. Barney was a definite "no" -- he creeps the hell out of me.      
For lack of any ideas (I was literally stumped!) I decided to just work around with the purple color in mind: purple balloons, purple bunting, ube or blueberry cheesecake, grape juice, ube wafer sticks and mamon. I toyed with the idea of using purple pancit noodles but decide to stick to the all-time-favorites such as pinoy style spaghetti, hotdogs and cheese sticks. Hubby warned that it is better to go with the usual favorites than experient on something just for the sake of sticking to a theme.
That makes sense but I did try to incorporate as much "purple" a I could though.
These are DIY toothpick flags that I literally made on the last minute.
 I planned on using the chalkboard to write on welcome sign but decided to just use it to indicate Alonzo's age.
I scoured grocery stores for purple straws (I didn't have the time nor the energy to go to divisoria). The ones that I found were all multicolored so I counted EACH pack to see which one had the most number of purple straws!
To add a little fun to the plain and boring paper cups I used black duct tape to make these little bowties. To make stick duct tape over sticker paper and cut into shape. I found that this method works better than by simply cutting the duct tape into a bowtie shape (or any shape for that matter). Unpeel sticker paper backing and stick over paper cup. Voila!   
The party hat was recycled from a cousin's birthday party last December :)
The party set up was at my parents' open garage. The weather wasn't in our favor that day as it started to drizzle so we had to move everything back inside. Nevertheless, the birthday boy was happy and everyone had fun!


  1. Love the simple but very festive set up Irene! :) Belated happy birthday Alonzo!

  2. thanks, faye! funny nga bec this was held on a thur afternoon. o when hubby came home from work (nag under time siya) he was surprised to see the set up. sabi nya "o bakit may "stage"? kala ko mag papa-spaghetti and cake lang tayo? baka naman magulat ako at may dumating na clowns!" hahaha!

    1. Moms talaga ano? Not everyone understand why we go the extra mile for our kiddos! I'm sure this was a very rewarding day for you :)