Thursday, March 21, 2013

Simple Joys

I have not been able to accompany our little guy to the parent-child program at playhouse for the past months. My teaching load this semester have been keeping me busy and have made me feeling extremely guilty. Hubby has been going with Alonzo and I would always enviously listen to the amusing anecdotes he tells me about what has happened at playhouse that day. While at work, I would secretly imagine what Alonzo would be already doing at playhouse, the toys that he would be playing, the snack that they would be having, the songs that they would be singing, etc.. I keep wondering whether he would help Tita Sheila prepare their snack, will he share the toys with his friends, will he remind Tita Josie that it is already time to pack away (he usually does because snack follow shortly after that!).

A new block at playhouse started the first Saturday of February and my schedule was unbelievably free that day! It was my turn to take Alonzo while hubby took a day off.

It was the same, old playhouse that I remember and have missed terribly. It seems, however, that Alonzo is more and more becoming independent. After taking of his outdoor shoes and hanging his towel he went straight to the toys.

playing "drums and cymbals"
out of inverted baskets and bowls


It was Alonzo's last day at playhouse at few weeks ago. It was the last day of the parent-child block before summer sessions and just like last year we'll be taking a break until June. I was quite sad about not being able to be with Alonzo on his last day. I also could not help get a little sentimental. Alonzo will be too old for the next parent-child program this coming June and so he'll be on the day care program. That would definitely be a bitter sweet moment.


  1. Hi Irene, it was a bittersweet moment for me as well. Sabine, Alonzo and Liana looked so mature already compared to when they started last year. Sabi ko nga, see you again sa college hahaha. I"ll send you the photos of the last day sa email. See you around :)

  2. Hi, Kathy! Will Sabine attend the summer sessions? Liana will be transferring to a new home in Laguna so they probably wont be attending the next block. Alonzo misses playhouse already. Hope to have a playhouse reunion! hahaha

    Yes, please send some photos of their last day...Hubby took a couple of picture with with cell but they are kind of blurry e.