Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY Wall Decor

I really wanted to inject a few touches of color to our living room and several posts at Pinterest about covering plywood boards with fabric caught my eye. Instead of wood, however, I used empty box covers. Remember my post about using empty boxes as shelves? This wall decor project actually came before that (another late post, I know!). 
On separate occasions, I was able to spot lovely but inexpensive fabrics at Uniwide. I didn't know what to do with them at first but later decided to use them for our wall decor. 
Fabrics from Uniwide

I was super excited to get on with this project that I didn't stop to take photos (sorry about that) but the procedure is pretty simple.
All you'll need are the following materials:
box covers
large enough to cover the front and sides of the box cover)
Step 1: Lay fabric on a flat surface (right side down)
Step 2: Position box cover the fabric
(for geometrical patterned fabric make sure that the box lies at the center of the design)
Step 3: Fold edges of the fabric toward the sides and into into the inner or underside of the box cover and glue in place.
Make sure that the fabric is taut over the box cover but also be careful that it isn't stretched too much that it distorts the pattern.
Step 4: Miter or fold the corners of the fabric at an angle.
You may do this on any corner of the box cover, however, they are least noticeable on the upper and lower sides so this is where I prefer to place them.   

The 2 floral fabrics are from Cotton Depot and costs P120 per meter while the geometrical patterned fabrics are purchased from Uniwide for only P70 per meter. 

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