Thursday, November 29, 2012

Refashion a Belt into a Bangle

I had a minor wardrobe malfunction a couple of days ago.
Thank God, it wasn't something disastrously embarassing that I couldn't share here. The belt that I was wearing got torn into 2 pieces. Although the belt only cost me a only a few hundred pesos (probably why it tore in the first place)I loved how it gave a simple, boring outfit a hint of attitude and character. So what's a frugal gal such as moi to do? 
Refashion the damaged belt into a bangle!      
For this you'll need a leather punch,
scissors and
heavy duty glue.
Step 1: Cut belt into desired length or at least a length long enough to wrap around your wrist (I wanted it to go around twice)
Step 2: Eyeball the area where you want the belt hole and mark it with a pencil
Step 3: Punch the hole
Step 4: Cut a small piece of belt material (just enough to go around the strap plus a little more to glue the ends together) to make an "anchor" or the part where the belt strap rests against)
Step 5: Glue the ends together, let it dry and insert through the strap
All done!

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