Saturday, November 10, 2012

Alonzo's Halloween Costume 2012

I'm back!
Whew, after my uber hectic schedule just prior to the long weekend holiday i'm back to blogging! Yey!
We dressed the little guy as a monk this year. This was the original costume idea that I had for his 1st Halloween but I thought his Starbucks barista costume was too cute of an idea
for an eight month old.
So this monk costume was put on hold for a while.
 Anyway, the brown cotton fabric is from Cotton Exchange
and costs only P60 per yard!!! One yard was enough to make this so that's just how much this costume cost me. Yup, it doesn't take that much -- even with the hood. The canvass cord used as a belt was just left over material that I used from the hex nut bracelet that I made a couple of months ago. The a small canvass pouch around the belt was a bag used to package coffee beans. So that didn't cost me anything either.
Let me also share with you some of the cute Halloween decor at the Sta. Elena Halloween party:

oblivious of the party activity
-- he was just too happy about all the candy!

Cute loot bags!
Vertical slots were sewn on at the front
where crayons where inserted.
The crayon tips seemed like the monster's teeth
So now that Halloween is over I'll have to switch to Christmas mode and get ready for some fun and festive holiday crafting!

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