Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY "Tingga" Choker

My husband loves to stroll along the aisles of Mr. Handyman or Ace Hardware and could spend some time just going through corridors and corridors of stuff. It used to bore and annoy the hell out of me at first, especially during the early years when we were still dating during collge. Things have changed over the years. I now can spend quite an amount of time "window shopping" and searching for potential materials that I could use for my projects and crafts. Most of the time I couldn't identify what a certain hardware item is for nor what it is called so it is always best to bring hubby (who is always willing to come)along.   
The hardware nutty bracelet made out of hex bolts has been a favorite acccessory that I wear often has received lots of compliments from friends (those guys already know what they're getting for Christmas).
 Here's a recent project that I made for Yahoo! She made out of washers or "tingga". On a trip to Mr. Handyman I was pleasantly surprised to know that they are available in larger sizes. I was there only to get the usual sized ones, the kind that we used to play sipa as kids. Believe me, I was like an excited kid in a toy store. 



  1. found your blog from yahoo she. this is so cool!

    thanks for sharing and looking forward for more of your great projects.


  2. thanks, amaira! do regularly check on Yahoo! She for more projects such as this