Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Mini Parol Ornament

 Is it just me or does time really go faster around this time of the year? I knew I had a lot of time to get ready for the holidays (Christmas decorating, shopping, gift wrapping, baking, etc..)and had actually set a time frame for all of these activities.
But what wasn't part of my schedule was having to shop and pack gifts and groceries for 200 children. I'll blog about that some other day.
In the mean time, let me share a little Christmas project. Last year I made miniature candy cane ornaments out of drinking straws and because we have a lot of straws around I used them again!
All you'll need are:
Drinking straws
Washi tape or any colored tape

Step 1: Cut 5 straws in similar length
Step 2: Attach 2 ends of straw at an angle with tape
Step 3: Continue doing step 2 on all ends until a "star" is formed
Note: Make sure to overlap the straws alternately to make your star more stable.
Step 4: Attach a piece of ribbon or string and hang

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