Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pallete Drawer/ Crate

Last year I purchased several slots of pallete sold along the main road of our village and commisioned a local carpenter to make wooden crates out of them (my carpentry skills -- sawing, in particular, isn't something I could brag about). We use the crates in the kitchen to hold plates and bowls. 

Mama loved the idea and asked the same carpenter to make more for her home. But instead of leaving the crates unpainted, like ours, she painted them in different colors and attached ceramic knobs which she bought at her favorite thrift store in San Francisco.

Mama keeps the colored crates (they actually look like drawers) under the sofa to store some of Alonzo's toys. The little guy spends most of his time in my parent's house in the living room where he plays and this is a great and attractive way to hold his toys while keeping the clutter  down (a bit, at least).

Can I just say that I love and adore these knobs! Mama bought them for 10 pieces for a $1.00!!! That's 10 for only P41.00. I immediately asked her to get more for me but when Mama went back to the store they were all gone :(
Oh, well.

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  1. Very creative ;) nice idea for organizer.