Sunday, September 1, 2013

Reurposing Wine Corks

A couple of pieces wine corks have been lying around one of my drawers. I didn't exactly collect them for a specific project until the other day. While waiting inside the car parked along a sidewalk I chanced upon a piece of wine cork partially hidden among dried leaves in a plant box. I deliberated for a few seconds on whether I should (or could) pick it up. The gross factor was also something to consider since a piece of tissue lay a few centimeters away (eww). However, I hate things going into waste (probably why I can't seem to throw anything away -- ask my husband). I was also instantly reminded of the eraser stamp project that I made before. So without much more thought I quickly extracted the said cork off the ground. The term "basurera" literally come in mind...
Anyway, here is what I turned the wine corks into. 
Materials needed:
Wine corks
Pencil or pen

Step 1: Draw out any shape or figure you want on the cork
Step 2: Carefully carve out the design with a cutter


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