Sunday, September 22, 2013

DIY Refrigerator Make-Over

Trust me, I never thought I'd ever consider giving our refrigerator (or anyone else's for that matter) a make over. Call it a spur of the moment thing. You know that split second what your mind kind of drifts off to an abyss of nothingness then suddenly a realization hits.
That's exactly what happened one late night as I was halfway through a reaction paper for my research class the next day. It's not like I tore the refrigerator door off and replaced it with paper mache (hahaha!). However, the inspiration came so suddenly and it is quite an unusual idea to give your refrigerator an unplanned facelift so it is pretty understandable that hubby had the surprise of his life to find our plain, gray unit the next day all dotted up! 

The dots are actually only label stickers that I had left over from last Christmas and it would be easy to take off when I have to. I'm really loving how whimsical and playful our refrigerator turned out (it never fails to make me smile when I'm in the kitchen) and have no plans of peeling them off anytime soon!

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